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Technical Training and Certifications

PCM provides instruments / equipment’s demonstrations and complete operational trainings to the end users at the time of supplying the goods and provide training certificates if needed.

We got certified trainers for different equipment and products from manufacturers to provide you technical training, operational demonstration and also regular maintenance procedures of the products.

 Moreover, we provide certificates to the attendees. Our engineers are highly qualified, Experienced and trained professionals who can assist you in many ways regarding instrumentations and controls.

Technical/ operational Training   of complete range of Products are given:

  • Thermal Imaging Camera with Software
  • Emission Gas Analyzers
  • Ambient Air Quality Instruments
  • Food Inspection Instruments
  • Continuous Gas Emission Monitoring
  • Multi Gas Analyzer
  • Indoor Air Quality Instruments
  • UV –VIS Spectrophotometers
  • Electrochemical Instruments
  • Water Analysis Equipment
  • Digital Manifolds & Smart Probes (with smartphone app)
  • And Many Other Laboratory Equipment.