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Rubber / Cilbond

PCM Hitech will provide Support and Service for You all over Pakistan

A local presence is vital for providing support. Here, in our technical center (Karachi), our customers benefit from expert advice, provided in their own language by our specialists, and receive the support they need to use CILBOND and solve their bonding problems. Working hand in hand with you, we come up with market-driven solutions and pursue projects through to a successful conclusion – that is what we mean by a trusting partnership.

At our technical center, everything centers around our customers, their needs, and the specific demands of their market!

We listen, understand and act together with you for your success.

That’s something we understand – from first-hand experience, since at our technical competence center, we work directly with our customers.

PCM Hitech will provide support in your own language from our expert teams, with their regional know-how in developing new product formulations or optimizing existing recipes.

We adjust our approach to your individual requirements and take into account the climatic conditions, local applications technologies and available raw materials. We help develop a bonding solution perfectly adapted to the local needs in your market.

That is what you can expect from us:

  • Wherever you operate in Pakistan, our staff will support you with the usage of CILBOND and the problems you face in bonding.
  • We provide support for your own bonding work.
  • Your contacts are specialists who speak your language.
  • We always take into account specific local conditions and budgetary constraints.
  • We offer optimum knowledge transfer using the CILBOND manufacturers’ network.

PCM provides consultancy in the chemical bonding of the following materials:

  • Rubber to Metal
  • Rubber to Plastics
  • Polyurethane to Metal
  • Polyurethane to Plastic
  • Rubber to Fabric
  • Rubber to Glass
  • Rubber to Polyurethane
  • Friction Materials to Metal

Rubber-to-substrate applications:

  • Anti-vibration systems
  • Industrial tank lining 
  • Pipe lining 
  • Seals and gaskets 
  • Bridge bearings 
  • Rollers 
  • Pump cavities 
  • Wheels 
  • Pulleys 
  • Valves and diaphragms 
  • Turbo charger hoses 
  • Belts and crawlers
  • Vibration damping
  • Insulators
  • Stators
  • Brake pads
Cilbond RTMB and other substrate adhesives
  • Cilbond 10E      – Primer and Single coat system used for NBR 
  • Cilbond 12E      – High performance primer for a range of substrates 
  • Cilbond 20       – One coat bonding system for NBR, NR, SBR, CR, HNBR and Vamac
  • Cilbond 24       – Once coat bonding system for NR, SBR CR and Vamac 
  • Cilbond 33A/B – Two component for amine cured FKM 
  • Cilbond 36       – One coat product for Silicone and FKM compounds 
  • Cilbond 41       – One-coat system for Cold cast PUR 
  • Cilbond 48       –  One-coat system for Hot and Cold cast PUR (clear)
  • Cilbond 49SF  – One-coat system for Hot cast PUR (pigmented) 
  • Cilbond 62W   –  WATER based bonding system for friction products and NBR 
  • Cilbond 65W   – WATER based one coat system for Silicone (VMQ) 
  • Cilbond 80ET  – High performance cover coat for a range of elastomers 
  • Cilbond 89ET  – Versatile one coat   system for a wide range of elastomers