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Testo 270 - Cooking Oil Tester

Changing frying oil at the right time and save money: the testo 270 Cooking Oil Tester enables you to work more reliably, intuitively and efficiently.

Check TPM with it. PCM Hitech is the official distributor of Testo in Pakistan.

Testo 270 – Ensure cooking oil quality and save costs

  • Capacitive oil sensor from Testo, together with its needs-based design, make it possible to take measurements in hot oil (user is protected from the heat of the deep fat fryer)
  • IP 65: protected against water jets without a protective cover
  • Clear, visual alarm indication via highly-visible alarm backlight in traffic light colours
  • Washable case for hygienically stowing away at the application site


A visual or odour check is not sufficient to verify whether the quality of the cooking oil is still good. Chain restaurateurs with the testo 270 cooking oil tester only need to change the cooking oil once critical TPM values are reached. This saves them from changing the cooking oil more frequently than is necessary, enabling them to also benefit from the associated cost savings. Comply with the legal limits of Sindh Food Authority, Punjab Food Authority, KPK Food Authority, Balochistan Food Authority.



  • Intuitive alarms thanks to coloured,
  • illuminated traffic-light display
  • Ergonomic design and robust construction
  • Washable under running water (IP65)
  • Hold and Auto-Hold function
  • Calibration and adjustment can be carried out by the user

The cooking oil tester; testo 270 easily, quickly and reliably determines the quality of cooking oil. To do so, it measures the so-called “Total Polar Material”(TPM) content in the oil and gives it as a percentage. If the oil is aged, it shows an increased TPM value. As a result, qualitatively inferior deep-fried goods are produced. In addition to this, it can contain potentially health-damaging substances. Regular measurement with the testo 270 can prevent this. The use of the measuring instrument also prevents too early replacement of the cooking oil. That reduces the cooking oil consumption by up to 20 %.

PCM Hitech is the official distributor of Testo in Pakistan. Testo has also provided license to Vito to sell testo 270 under its brand. PCM offers testo 270 cooking oil tester at best price in Pakistan.

The new testo 270 stands out thanks to its ergonomic design, which prevents the direct exposure of the hand to the hot oil.

The clear alarm via the coloured backlit display makes it even easier to evaluate the quality of the cooking oil:

  • Green: TPM content is OK.
  • Orange: TPM value is border-line.
  • Red: TPM value exceeded.

The TPM limit values can also be individually defined, and can, like other instrument configurations, be protected from inadvertent alteration by a PIN.
Testo 270 can be delivered free of cost all over Pakistan (Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan etc.)