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Portable AQM Real time internal data logging systems (EDC, USA)

Multi-parameter products range from the low cost hand held Haz-Dust Respiratory Particulate Monitor (model HD-1100) to the more sophisticated Environmental Particulate Air Monitor (model EPAM-5000) for 24 hours sampling.

Portable AQM Real time internal data logging systems (EDC, USA)

We offers Real Time Air Quality Monitoring for research and industry, a complete array of products from survey, IAQ, Occupational Health and Safety to Ambient Air Monitoring Systems for measuring toxic smog and outdoor meteorological parameters, simultaneous particulate monitoring and gases. We have a state of the art service and calibration laboratory and can custom calibrate to user defined concentration ranges.


  • Wind Speed and Direction
  • Toxic Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)
  • Barometric Pressure, Rain Gauge
  • UV, IR, Sound, Noise, Atomic, Elf Radiation
  • Biological/Chemical agent sensors.



Air quality monitoring station measures and documents trace level criteria air pollutants. The portable and expandable system simultaneously measurement. The HIM-6000 offers up to 12 sensors for toxic gas, sound, radiation, and meteorological air parameters. Options include solar power, 5-mile wireless data transmission and Ethernet/Internet data viewing.


  • Real-Time display and data storage
  • Easily portable and deployable
  • Real-Time Wireless Data Transmission
  • Easy to use Graph & Reporting Software
  • Can be equipped for simultaneous monitoring of EPA PM10 and PM2.5
  • And others



Haz-Dust™ Products (Particulate Monitor )


1.       HD-7204: Personal Aerosol Compliance Monitor

2.       EPAM-5000 PM Ambient Area Monitor

3.       HD-1004: Personal Aerosol Monitor

4.       HD-1100: Hand Held PM Monitor

5.       SM-7204 Personal Silica Monitor

6.       AA-3500: Indoor Area PM Monitor

7.       AQ-10: Fixed Point PM Monitor with 0-2V or 4-20mA

8.       DPM-7204 Personal Diesel Particulate Monitor

9.       AS-2000: Weather Station

10.   DS-2.5: Filter Based PM Monitor

  1. EPAM-7500: Ambient PM Shift Monitoring
  2. HD-1620




Haz-Dust™ devices are real-time portable, light weight and easily deployable. We offer a wide variety of choices to fit any application whether it be solar, GPRS, data logging, wireless networking of multiple systems or just a simple hand held device. We have a device that will monitor respirable health of any dust generating source. Our products are used in compliance with OSHA and EPA regulations. Approvals include CE and ISO and are designed to agree with EPA Class I and Class III FRM and FEM particulate samplers and monitors.


Haz-Scanner™ Products (combined gas and particulate monitor )


1.       HIM-6000 Portable Air Quality Monitor

2.       GB-2000 Portable Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Haz-Scanner™ provides direct readings in real-time with data logging capabilities. Haz-Scanner™ can be configured to provide up to 12 simultaneous critical air measurements in one easily portable battery operated instrument. Model HIM-6000 is a complete easily portable and deployable ambient air quality monitor designed to measure and document critical hazardous air parameters. The portable GB-2000 indoor environmental monitoring station is designed to measure critical parameters for indoor environmental assessments.