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Milk Analyzer Master LM3

High quality devices for measurement of several milk parameters. Precise analysis of the components can be done quickly and reliably.

Milk Analyzer Master Pro Touch

Master series are high-quality instruments to measure the nine components of the milk.Correct analysis of the components is measured for 60 sec.(40 sec.). Built in keypad for entering data(liters,number of supplier).

  • ultrasonic technology peristaltic pump
  • pH (optional)
  • conductivity with built-in probe


  • low power consumption very small quantity of milk
  • USB connection to PC
  • USB flash drive support (optional)


  • one year full
  • warranty clock (time & date)
  • no acid or other chemicals are used

Master LM3 is convenient and reliable milk analyzer,with perfected sensor with long life and better precision. User-friendly design, as well as the most precise data measurements. It has two peristaltic pumps for measuring and automatic cleaning.