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Digital Multimeter Testo 760

The advantages of the digital multimeters testo 760

  • Automatic detection and selection of measurement parameters via socket assignment
  • Easy operation via function keys and large illuminated display
  • With true root mean square measurement TRMS
  • Recognizes measurement parameters automatically
  • Ideal for the smallest currents

Carry out precise measurements with the innovative digital multimeter

You can use the multimeter to measure current, or also to test voltage and resistance. The level of innovation of the Testo instruments is impressive, thanks to a high standard of reliability and accuracy. You do not need to first select the sockets and then the required measurement function. Instead, the instrument already detects the relevant measurement parameter via the socket assignment. Any possible incorrect settings, which always entail a risk, are thus excluded.

The multimeter operation has a simple structure and it is a sign of how up to date these instruments are. Instead of the usual rotary knob, there are function keys on the handy measuring instrument which can be conveniently operated with one hand. The large, illuminated display makes it easier for you to read out the measured values.

Depending on what model you decide on, the voltage range goes up to 1,000 volts, the frequency range up to 30 MHz and the capacitance up to 60,000 µF. These values apply to the testo 760-3 instrument which is qualified for use in the industrial sector. Here, the multimeter with integrated low-pass filter is for example used for measurements on large electrical systems.  PCM Hitech is the official distributor of Testo in Pakistan.

With the professional multimeters, electrical parameters are supplemented by the ability to measure temperatures as well. For this measurement, you attach a thermocouple adapter and the temperature probe, which you can buy separately.

PCM Hitech provides the after sales services for all the products.

The advantages of the Testo digital multimeters are: 

  • High operational reliability due to automatic detection,
  • Exclusion of incorrect settings,
  • Suitability for a large number of electrical measurement functions,
  • Large, illuminated display.