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All the supplied equipment which required regular calibration, like Testo flue gas analyzers or Testo cooking oil tester/ Testometer are performed by PCM to obtain accurate and reliable results.

PCM has qualified, trained and professional staff to perform Calibration and verification.

We have got state of the art facilities for satisfactory calibration of different meters and analyzers.

Instruments and models whose calibration services are being provided by PCM Hitech:

a) Flue Gas Analyzers

  • Testo 350
  • Testo 340
  • Testo 330
  • Testo 300


  • Testo 320
  • Testo 310
  • Testo 325
  • Testo 327

b) Many types of Gas analyzers

  • Emission Gas Analyzer
  • O2, CO, CO2, NO, NO2, SO2, H2S, HC Gas Analyzer
  • NOX Analyzer
  • Combustion Efficiency Analyzer
  • Exhaust Gas Analyzer
  • Stack Gas Analyzer.

c) Cooking oil Tester / Testometers

  • Models: Testo 270

d) Electrochemical Measurement Instruments

  • pH Meter             1,3 and 5 point calibration
  • Conductivity        with 1413 µS or 12.89 mS calibration solution
  • TDS Meters         with 998 ppm or 9.02 ppth calibration solution
  • Redox/ORP          verification with standard solution of 470 mV
  • Salinity Meter       with Calibration solution salt-NaCl, 5.00 ppth or 1000 ppm

Verification For Testo Products

  • Temperature Meters
  • Velocity Meters
  • Flow Meters
  • Sound Level Meters